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Tarade Vijay D.*, Chemate Satyam Z, Tushar Joshi V. and Kalyani Jadhav A.


In present era, many research and technological advancements are made in the field of oral drug delivery as it is highly accepted amongst patient. In this research the formulation of antihyperlipidemic chewing gum of simvastatin using water insoluble gum base water soluble other portion containing drug as well as excipients like taste masking agent sorbital which use as a coating agent in this formulation. The primary and important requirement in the formulation of simvastatin chewing gum is the gum base, which give it gummy texture for chewing action and as a drug vehicle. This gum is isolated from the natural sources like a sapodilla monikara tree (Chiku) which fully grow in the Maharashtra region. This gum base have a property as like other gum bases which is present in nature. For the improvement in the stability of that gum base, which is converted in the dry form by drying and adding filler as talc and emulsifier such lecithin which was freshly collected from egg yolk. By drying this mixture further it convert in a directly compressible gum base powder, which possess all important flow property which require for direct compression. Direct compression is one of the best method as compare to moulding method in the formulation of chewing gum. For direct compression in directly compressible gum require other additional excipients like antiadherant, anti-caking agent, lubricant, antioxidant, flavor and sweetening, coating agent (sorbital). For evaluation of formulated chewing gum all parameter are same as like tablet except in-vitro drug release performance. For this purpose, the disintegration apparatus was modified in such way that it continuously compress or crush the chewing gum as like our mastication activity in the mouth, resulting in releases of drug in the salivary fluid and absorbance were calculate on UV-visible spectra. In this also study the effect of stroke & distance between jaws which gives the valuable information about drug release performance in various ages patient.

Keywords: Buccal delivery; Increased released, Hypertension, Stress.

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