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Safa J. Al- Yassiri, Nahla Al-Bakri, Ula Al-Kawaz and Mohammad Oda Selman*


Background: The use of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) during pregnancy warrants several side effects and also deleterious effects on fetal development, the antiepileptic drugs have potential to affect the fetal development throughout the pregnancy although, the majority of infants born to epileptic pregnant women are normal but more expose to the malformations. Aim: The present study aimed to investigate the effect of carbamazepine drug on the kidney development at day 7 postnatally in the Albino Rat (Rattus rattus) as a mammalian model. Material & Methods: 20 healthy pregnant female rats were divided into two groups, 10 pregnant rats in each group; group one served as control group administrated distal water while group two used as experimental group which administrated carbamazepine drug at dose 20mg/kg/rat daily from first day of pregnancy till 7th day after birth in both groups. On 7th day after birth, the newborns and kidneys were removed; the weight is measured and then fixed, dehydrated in ascending grades of alcohol, cleared in xylene and infiltrated with filtered paraffin. The paraffin blocks were made and 5μm thin sections were obtained using a rotary microtome. The sections were stained with H&E stain, PAS examined under light microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM). Results: Under the light microscope, the kidney in Group II show the glomerular atrophy with enlargement of Bowman’s space, hemorrhage, congestion, degeneration and hypertrophy of simple squamous epithelial lining cells of partial layer of Bowman's capsule, glomerular cells accumulation, detachment of tubular epithelial lining cells from basement membrane and tubular degeneration represented by (cell swelling, loss nucleus and cell death); a statistically significant differences have been shown in the diameter of renal corpuscle, glomerular tuft and Bowman’s space, and also in the renal tubules proximal and distal convoluted tubules (p<0.001). The results of scanning electron microscope found that the visceral layer of renal corpuscle contain specialized cells called podocyte cells and the diameter of these cells is statistically significant in treated group in comparison to control group (p<0.001), while There is no significant differences found in the weight of kidneys and newborns. Conclusion: The results of the present study indicated that carbamazepine drug administration to the dams produced teratogenic effects on the developing of kidney in rat.

Keywords: Carbamazepine, kidney development, Antiepileptic drug.

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