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A.K. Pandey*and S.K.Tripathi


Shalakya Tantra is made by two words- Shalakya and Tantra. Shalakya means therapeutic procedures which are done by Shalaka Yantras (Rod like instruments or probes). Tantra means methodology by various means the Sharira (combination of body and soul) may be protected. Synonyms of Tantra are Shastra, Chikitsa, Shakha, Vidya, Sutra, Jnana and Lakshana etc. so the branch of Ayurvedic therapeutic science which deals therapeutic procedures with the help of Shalakas (rod like instruments or probes) is known as Shalakya Tantra. Or we can define Shalakya Tantra as the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the Vyadhis and their treatment related to Urdhwajatru (body parts above clavicle bone- head, neck, eye, ear, nose, throat and mouth etc.) and various types of therapeutic Shalakas and their applying methodologies. Here in this article we have discussed about Shalakya Tantra in Charak Samhita. Our aims are to find out all the Shalakya Tantra related topics in Charak Samhita and to show the importance of Charak Smahita in Shalakya Tantra. For that purpose we went through all the eight sthanas and one hundred twenty chapters of Charak Samhita by studying various commentaries of Charak Samhita. We find twenty topics in Sutrasthana, one topic in Nidansthana, two topics in Vimansthana, three topics in Sharirsthana, six topics in Indriyasthana, thirteen topics in Chikitsasthana and four topics in Siddhisthana which are related to Shalakya Tantra. Therapeutic drugs and procedures, Nidan (causative factors) of some diseases, physiological function of Indriyas under the topic Panchpanchak, Swedana procedure of Netra(eye), some diseases and some important drugs causing good and bad effects on Indriyas these are all related to Shalakya Tantra and described in Charak Samhita Sutrasthana.Some diseases as prodromal symptoms are described in Charak Samhita Nidansthana. Shirovirechana drugs and Karma is described in Charak Samhita Vimansthana. Anatomical structures related to Shalakya Tantra are mentioned in Charak Samhita Sharirsthana. Arishta Lakshanas related to Shalakya Tantra are mentioned in Charak Samhita Indriyasthana. Specific drugs or formulations for specific diseases and surgical works related to Shalakya Tantra are mentioned in Charak Samhita Chikitsasthana. Whereas Shirovirechana Karma,indications, contraindications and its complications is mentioned in Charak Samhita Siddhisthana. After going through all the topics related to Charak Samhita we can say that Shalakya Tantra is an important Anga (part) of Ashtang Ayurved.Charak also describes first treatment for Uttamang chikitsa, its mean being the primary treatise for Kayachikitsa he knows the importance of Shalakya Tantra. Charaka Samhita is first treatise who first explained Shira (head) as Uttamanga and Shalakya Tantra in Charak Samhita is in scattered manner.

Keywords: Charak Samhita,Shalakya Tantra, Roga, Lakshana and Chikitsa.

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