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*Vaidya Meenakshi Rewdakar Kole


The industrialisation, stress during the work, dietary habits, lack of exercise and various varieties included in the regular diet like fast food, freeze fruits, increased amount of aerated drinks, etc. result into the entity which we call as INSULIN RESISTANCE SYNDROME. Diabetes mellitus, Hypothyroidism, Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, Central obesity and Dyslipidaemia together are included in Insulin resistance syndrome. Insulin is a digestive tatva which is very essential for metabolism at cellular level. The cells get resisted to insulin and insulin resistance occurs. The process of dhaatuparinamana process is described in Charaka Sutrasthana 28, the food which we ingest is separated into prasada and kitta parts, after the action of jatharagni and bhutagni, nourishes the functional factors of body i.e. tridoshas, saptadhaatus and their malas. In different strotasas, the agnis of all dhaatus i.e. dhaatvagni, acts on this processed food particles and nourishes themselves and latter dhaatus. Any disturbances in the above chayapchaya process results into diseases like galganda, prameha, dhamanipratichaya, sthoulya. Rasa dhatvagni mandya leads to formation of apachita rasa dhaatu nirmiti (galganda, sthaulya, rasa raktagat snehavruddhi), mala dushtikapha (prameha, dhamanipratichaya) and updhaatu dushti- raja (raja vaishamya). These diseases are included in Kaphaj Nanatmaj Vyadhi. Various diseases are described by Acharya Charaka, Sushruta, Madhavacharya and Sharangdhar under the entity of Kaphaj Nanatmaj Vyadhi. They have enumerated them as 20, but they mostly differ in names. Lastly Charaka has said that Kaphaj Nanatmaj Vyadhi can be numerous.

Keywords: Insulin Resistance syndrome, chayapchaya, dhatu parinamana process, kaphaj nanatmaj vyadhi, prasada, kitta. rasa dhatvagni mandya.

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