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Dr. Nidhi Garg* and Dr. Akhil Jain


Varicose veins is a common health complaint in people like security guards, watchmen, cops, soldiers, vehicle pullers, porters, rikshaw pullers, launderers, drivers, teachers etc. A condition, in which a vein becomes dilated, elongated and tortuous, this is said to “Varicose”. There are primary as well as secondary causes of varicose veins. The superficial & perforating as well as the deep veins are involved in varicose veins. The contemporary treatment for varicose veins includes ligation, ligation with stripping surgical treatments. But these treatments reoccurrence of this disease. Venous ulcers (stasis ulcers, varicose ulcers) are the wounds occurring due to inappropriate functioning of venous valves, usually of the legs. It is one of the most serious chronic venous insufficiency complications. The overall incidence rate is 0.76% in men and 1.42% in women. When a venous valve gets damaged, it prevents the backflow of blood, which causes pressure in the veins that leads to hypertension and, in turn, venous ulcers. These are mostly along the medial distal leg, which is often very painful, can bleed, and get infected. The pathogenesis starts with dysfunction of venous valves causing venous hypertension which stretches the veins resulting in ulcer formation. If not treated properly, the ulcer may get infected leading to cellulitis or gangrene and eventually may need amputation of the part of limb. In Ayurvedic literature this particular disease has been described as “Siragranthi” (ie.Varicose vein).[1] It can be managed with the specific s’odhana therapy. In Ayurvedic prospective, varicose ulcers can be correlated with “Siragat Vat janya vran’. Sushruta has advocated Jalauka (Leech) as one of the most effective method of bloodletting, useful even in infected and non healing wounds. Patient with varicose ulcers was advised to take “Sariva Ghana vati” internally, Teel oil “Dhara sweda” over the lower limb along with weekly application of Leech around the ulcer followed by dressing with „Yashtimadhu Ghrita As it is not having a permanent solution, people come to Ayurveda to get the relief of vein engorgement and aching pain. Also, they seek the ways to avoid the occurrence of the complaint.

Keywords: Basti karma, Dustha vrana, Nitya virechana, varicoseulcer, siragranthi, jalauka, varicose.

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