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Dhanraj Nagar* and Jayant Nagar


Introduction- in today‟s society Diabetes is a most common iceberg disease, seen as a heterogeneous group of disease. It is characterized by a chronic state of hyperglycemia, due to various factors. It occurs either when the defective production or action of insulin hormone in body. Out of several type Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM or type 2) is much more common than Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM or type 1). The rising prevalence of diabetes throughout the world especially in developing countries over past few decades is related with industrialization and socio-economic development. Material and method- Classical texts books of Ayurveda, journal publications, various internet and clinical experiences were considered as the source of information. Result and aim- Diabetes mellitus (DM) is described in Ayurveda as madhumeha/ Ojomeha/ Kshaudrameha which is the chronic condition of Prameha. DM mainly resulting due to comfortable but unfavorable modification of life style so it should be need to correct the life style for overcomes the burden of DM, which can be done by following Dincharya as per Ayurveda. Principle of Dincharya is basically related with time management from Brahmamuhurta-jagarana (Wake-up before sun-rise) up to sleeping at night including exercise (Vyayam), Ahar (diet regimen), Vihar(way of living) and Jivikoparjan Upaya (occupation) etc. Discussion- In Ayurvedic Samhitas for prevention and control of any disease the concept of Dincharya, Rutucharya, Sadvritta, Achar-Rasayan, Dharniya- Adharniya Vega etc. are mentioned in detail. This article only analyzes the role of Dincharya in prevention and control of diabetes.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Madhumeha, Dincharya, Brahmamuhurta, Vyayam, Ahar- Vihar.

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