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Veerendra Yadav*, Narendra Gahlot, Ajay Sharma, Yogendra Malviya and Vikash




Nanoparticles, often considered the building blocks of the nanotechnology revolution, have gained significant attention across multiple scientific disciplines. This comprehensive review aims to provide a succinct yet informative overview of nanoparticles, their synthesis methods, applications, and potential implications. Nanoparticles, typically in the size range of 1 to 100 nanometers, exhibit unique properties due to their size and high surface area-tovolume ratio. The synthesis of nanoparticles encompasses a variety of techniques, including chemical, physical, and biological methods, each offering distinct advantages for tailoring properties and functionalities. This review delves into the key synthesis approaches and highlights their relevance in the context of specific nanoparticle applications. Nanoparticles find widespread use in fields such as medicine, electronics, materials science, and environmental remediation. The versatility of nanoparticles extends to drug delivery, cancer therapy, catalysis, and advanced materials development. We discuss these applications, their current challenges, and future prospects. Furthermore, this review briefly addresses the concerns surrounding nanoparticle toxicity and environmental impact, emphasizing the importance of responsible nanoparticle development and disposal. In summary, this review provides a comprehensive overview of nanoparticles, offering insights into their synthesis, applications, and potential consequences, underscoring the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of science and technology.

Keywords: Application, Metal oxides, Nanoparticle, Nanotechnology.

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